Conditions of Participation

X International Choir Competition and Festival "Northern Bel Canto"









Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

Date: June 28, 2020– June 30, 2020

The Founder: The Company «ArtFestival»

Organizer: «ArtFestival»


The Festival

The Festival is held in order to develop creative links between the choirs of St. Petersburg and choirs from other cities within Russia and abroad. The Festival aims to expand the repertoire of choral groups, make new creative contacts, promote the art of choral singing for professional performers, competitive performers and festival participants, and encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and experience.


Festival Participants:

The Festival welcomes both professional and amateur choirs and ensembles from around the world.

The Festival is open to all ages and to choirs and ensembles of any size.

The Festival is charitable. Festival participants receive no payment for concerts.


Common Composition

Victor Pleshak. "Unique Petersburg"

Upon receipt of preliminary registration, the Organizer will send, by e-mail, a score of this composition which has to be prepared by all ensembles for the joint performance at the Closing Concert.


Participation in non-competitive Festival Events in "Northern Bel Canto"


Any choir may take part in the 10th "Northern Bel Canto", which starts with an Opening Concert.

All choirs are invited to join the closing & award Ceremony.

Choirs and vocal ensembles should prepare a concert programme of their own choice, lasting 15 minutes, including assembly at, and departure from, the performance area/stage.

There is a possibility for choirs and vocal ensembles to take part in the additional thematic concerts in St. Petersburg (e.g. sacred music, folk music etc.).

Festival participants will be honored with a diploma and a gift during the Prize-giving Ceremony.


Participation in the Competition


1. Chiors. Number of participants: minimum of 13 persons.

A - Children's Choirs (age limit: 16 years old)


B - Youth Choirs (age of participants: from 16 to 25 years old)

B1 –  Youth Choirs of equal voices (Girls up to 19, Boys up to 25 years old)

B2 –  Youth Choirs of mixed voices (up to 25 years old)

C - Adult Choirs (mixed, male or female choirs over 17 years old)

C1 –  Adult Mixed Choirs

C2 –  Adult Female Choirs

C3 – Adult Male Choirs

D - Vocal assemblies. Number of participants: 3 to 12  (no age limits)

D1 – Mixed assemblies

D2 – Female assemblies

D3 – Male assemblies

E - Sacred Music Choir (no age limit)

F - Folklore (no age limit)


Competition Programme for Categories A

·         3 pieces of the Participant’s choice


Competition Programme for Categories B, C, D– 3 pieces

·         A piece by a composer of the Participant’s country

·         2 pieces of the Participant’s choice

* Minimum one Piece must be performed a-capella.


Competition Programme for Categories E

·         1 piece by a Russian composer

·         2 pieces of the Participant’s choice from different periods and with different character


Competition Programme for Category F

Groups presenting national traditional music. Suitable choreography and/or a stage-show is permitted.


Choirs may NOT sing the same pieces in different categories.


Total Performance Time in the Competition must not exceed 15 minutes, including assembly at, and departure from, the performance area/stage. Violation of time limits will be considered by the Jury.


Accompaniment on the piano and/or on traditional folk instruments is permitted. Pre-recorded music and microphones may not be used. A Piano is provided by the Organizer.


Registration conditions

Every choir can participate in more than one category. The Festival Committee will need an Application Form for every category to be participated in by the choir.

Festival Applicants should also send

·      a short biography of the choir (short description)

·      a photo of the choir, no more than two years old, in a form suitable for reproduction (landscape format, minimum 12 x 7.5 cm, minimum 300 dpi for computer files)

·      the choir’s proposed Concert and/or Competition Programme(s).


The last date for submitting Applications at the Standard Fee is May 11, 2020.

For Applications submitted after this date, see below.


Financial conditions

The Festival is charitable. Festival Participants receive no payment for concerts. All Participants pay their own costs in respect of Registration, travel, accommodation and meals.

Festival Fee

Applying before February 25, 2020:

Groups up to 13 people - 120 euro

Groups over 14 people-150 euro

Applying after February 25, 2020:   

Groups up to 13 people 150 euro

Groups over 14 people 210 euro.



Next category – 80% of the Festival Fee.


Within a week after receiving the Festival Fee and Application Form the Festival Committee will send the Confirmation of the choir’s participation and the Terms of Payment.


All services are available only through the Festival Committee and as agreed with the Participants individually.



There shall be no refund in respect of Cancellations received after May 10, 2019.


Jury & Evaluation


The international Jury shall consist of at least three reputable specialists.

The Jury will pass judgement on the competition performance observing:


a)       Technical execution

b)       Artistic execution

c)       General impression


Based on their judgement the Jury will place orchestras of every category to the following levels:


Laureate        excellent performance

Diplomant     very good performance

Participant     other performance


According to obtained number of marks the choruses can get the Golden, Silver or Bronze Diploma. The choir with the highest number of marks obtained in an individual category becomes the Winner of that Category.


Grand Prix                  30 marks

Laureate I                   27-29 marks

Laureate II                 24-26 marks

Laureate III                21-23 marks

Diplomant I                18-20 marks

Diplomant II              15-17 marks

Diplomant III             12-14 marks


The Jury will determine the Winner of each category. According to their own judgement the Jury can award Special Prizes to choirs, for example – Conductor’s Outstanding Performance Award, The Best Presentation of a Folk Song.


The Jury's decision is final, i.e. it cannot be appealed or changed.



Other information

One month before the opening of the Festival, the Organizer will send Participants the complete Final Information and an Updated Programme, including the Participants’ personalised Schedule of Participation in the Festival.



Please provide the details for contracting and billing in advance of arrival at the Festival. Original documents (Contract, Completion Certificate, bill, invoice) will be provided upon arrival at the Competition Venue.


Application for Participation

To participate in the Festival the Applicant must complete the attached form and send it, with the required materials and information, to the Organizer by fax:


+7-812-466 21 08 (office), mob. +7921 8830183 (Marina)

e-mail  no later than May 11, 2020.