XVI International Pavlovsk festival

Of M.I.Glinka 

On April, 18-21nd, 2019, St.-Petersburg 

The festival is spent in the city of Pavlovsk well-known for the palace-museum and park, being under the aegis of UNESCO. Architects C.Kameron, V.Brenna, N.Voronihin took part in palace building . In a city lived and such outstanding people as architect K.Rossi, the composer M.Glinka created , here often happened to I.Shtraus's concerts. Festival opening will take place in Pink pavilion, closing – in the State academic chapel in St.-Petersburg.

Festival problems are propagation of creativity of M.I.Glinki, studying of products of spiritual choral music, choral music of modern composers and processings of Russian national songs, development of creative abilities, art thinking of children.

Choral collectives DMSH can take part in festival, DSHI, Lycées of Arts, grammar schools. Age of participants - from 10 till 17 years.

The entrance fee for participation in the International Pavlovsk Festival makes 100 euros. 

 THE FESTIVAL PROGRAM:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

On April, 18nd, Thursday – a group Meeting at station. A bus sightseeing tour across St.-Petersburg (3 hours), Peter and Paul Fortress visiting, a transfer in hotel. A supper in cafe. 

On April, 19rd, Friday – the Breakfast. Moving with accompanying by the bus in Pavlovsk. The Sightseeing tour on the Pavlovsk palace-pearl of Russian classicism. Rehearsal. Solemn opening of festival in one of the most beautiful buildings of Pavlovsk park - Pink pavilion. Moving by the bus in hotel. A supper. 

On April, 20th, Saturday – the Breakfast. A sightseeing tour on the Hermitage. A dinner in cafe in city centre. A free time in a city.

On April, 21th, Sunday – the Breakfast. Eviction from hotel. A binding to a scene. Gala concert in the State chapel, rewarding, festival closing. A free time. Departure. 

Into cost enters: Residing at many-placed numbers with conveniences on a floor in the hotel located in city centre – numbers are equipped by necessary furniture: beds, bedside tables, a table, chairs; conveniences (WC, washstands, a shower); in a hotel hall there is a microwave, electric teapots, a refrigerator, an ironing table, an iron. 2 heads take places in 2-hmestnom number. 3 breakfasts: yoghurt, tea packaged, sugar, a sandwich with syrokopchenoj sausage / cheese or a pie and a roll; 1 dinner; 2 suppers. Excursions: on the Hermitage, the Pavlovsk palace, survey bus excursion on a city

The detailed information is sent on demand

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